Sunday, August 17, 2008

Live a Little lives

My first 5 Spot book is out. I feel...the same. Okay, maybe a little thinner.

Here are some of the funniest reactions from people I know:
  • "Omigod, where can I get it?" (Whispered under breath, as if could only be pubbed by extremely marginal, nay, illicit publisher.)
  • "I bought it already! On Amazon! I pre-ordered it!" (Aiming for Best Fan. Is Best Fan.)
  • "Did you get any, like, reviews?" (Self-explanatory.)
  • "Is it pink?" (Fuuuuuuuck.)
  • "Is it better than your other ones?" (Much.)
  • "It's a comedy about cancer?" (Demoting me to C-list friend.)
  • "Will you just give me a copy?" (If I was Danielle Steele, I sure would.)

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